If you want to transfer a party from an existing game to another then please read the points below and then fill in the form.
Firstly, this has nothing to do with Quest Online, and thus Quest Online parties can not be transferred into these worlds.
A party can only be transferred to one game, so do not try to transfer one to several worlds.
The party may end up with a different party number.
Once a party is transferred they can not play in their original game.
The transfer is free of charge.
All items except those in the plunder slot will be taken with the party to a world.
If the party is going from a moderated world then moderation items may be removed from the party. The GM will contact the player first to confirm if any items will be removed before transferring the party.
All existing quests will be cleared, since the party is no longer in their original world the quest will be classed as incomplete, so no gold or experience will be given to the party.

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