Proposed Magic System Canges


The primary purpose is to allow greater longevity to the search for power by mages and priests. Greater levels of diversity will allow for more diversity of combat tactics. Higher levels of power will also allow for monster improvements. GM moderation can allow for rare spell components. Alchemy will be possible as well. An online interface will allow for easy changes to spell choices. Together, these should improve playability of the game and improve the learning curve for new players.

Specific Changes

  • All spells and miracles will be allocated to the most appropriate domain. This will mean that certain miracles will become spells and vice-versa.
  • Skills for mages will become four skills, one for each of the elements.
  • Miracles are assigned to one of the four central alignments.
  • While priest skill will remain a single skill, power costs for miracles will vary based on alignment.
  • Spells/miracle each has levels. Some are capped while others are not. Power point cost will be independent of level.
  • Spells will require components. Not all components will be available for purchase.
  • All skill increases (both priest and mages) will require experience.
  • Skills will not be capped at 99.
  • Miracles will have to be learnt (purchased, requiring xp).
  • Spells can be learnt through experimentation but will require xp per test.
  • Alchemy will allow creation of magic items.
  • Potions, staffs, scrolls will be useable in combat.
  • Single on-line form for allocating spell/miracle-casting parameters in combat.
  • Restricted spells/miracles only given out through moderation.
  • Mage skill in a domain will count as armour against damage in specified domain.
  • Casting miracles change alignment. Set alignment causes loss of xp when actions are contrary to faith.


The skill of a mage within a domain will now determine his resistance to spells in the domain, his ability to learn not only new spells but also improve the spell level. Spells at higher levels will require more components to cast although the lack of components will still allow the spell to be cast at a lower level. There will be five grades of components, these are commonly available in shops; available in some shops and periodically restocked; found in the wilderness; produced by clerics/magicians and given through moderation. Some spells will be restricted and only given out either through moderation or due to an in-game item, such as discovery of a location or item. You can bet that these will require only the most rare of components.


Priests will simply convert although the level of spell they start with will be modified by their alignment in a reverse of the system used to calculate power point costs. Magicians will be required to select how they will divide their skill between the various domains. There will be a number of options allowing them to select % of their skill into each field.


A new aspect to spell changes involves the creation of permanent magical items. Everything from bonus items through the magical affects and even slaying weapons can be forged. All these will require a gold value, components and experience. The level and type of spell will determine the effect.


For the future - it is intended to allow certain spells to summon/bind creatures to a party. We hope to include NPC's joining the party for a limited time as well.


Is a Fleyshur priest casting healing miracles against the tenets of his faith?
Yes. Fleyshur loves suffering and death through combat. Any suffering, any death, whether it is the faithful or infidels. Logic is not a god's strong point. Yes, the long-term goals of the god will be best served by healing his loyal followers, but so sodding what. That is of no consequence to a deity. Baldor will not accept his disciples murdering his enemies just because it is the most expedient means to an end. In fact the term 'means to an end' is quite simply anathema to gods. It is not a question of what you achieved, it is merely a case of how you lived. Did you slay lots and go out kicking and screaming? If yes then you are faithful servant of Fleysur. Did you bring peace and charm monsters into making schools of learning? Well done, chosen of Phyloqure.

Rather than altering a priest's skill for the purpose casting miracles belonging to other domains, we have elected to alter the power point cost. The theory being that it is harder to channel gods whose alignment differs from the channelling cleric. The distance on the alignment chart determines the increase in power points required to cast the miracle. Gods that are diametrically opposed to the alignment of the character, generate the majority of the modifier, although having alignment that is not pure further adds to this modifier.
Example: As a priest of Baldor becomes evil, casting life miracles costs more power. However straying towards War or Peace also increases the cost of casting Life miracles although the increase is proportionally less. Priests of Fleyshur for example channel both War and Death miracles equally, but neither as good as a Sundonak priest channels War or a Ythcal priest channels Death. They do however channel War better than Ythcal priests and Death better than a Sundonak priests.

A question raised was why does a follower of Gathrana for example find it harder to channel Death than say a priest of Baldor who by definition is totally opposed to Ythcal? The answer to this is that while Baldor is opposed to Ythcal, he is different side of the same coin. The two are joined and understand but reject each other. War and Peace however are beyond the understanding of these two deities and as a consequence more remote. This creates the eight-pointed star within the alignment box showing the lines of greatest disparity.

At this point we have not decided on the method of point modifiers.

We have four options (don't worry about the numbers used in the examples, they are simply used for reference):

1. A floating point modifier that adds to the cost of the power points of the miracle, i.e. +0-80 points as the alignment tends to away with a +0-25 points as the alignment tends to the side. Examples: A true Baldor priest would have all Death miracles increased by 80 points and War and Death increased by 65 (40+25). A true Fleyshur priest would have all War and Death miracles increased by 25 points but channel Life and Peace at +105 (80+25). A true neutral priest would have all miracles increased by 40 points. A priest that was neutral but tending towards Life and War would have a fraction of this modifier. This would be shown as 4 Numbers, e.g. Life +35, Death, +65, War +30, Peace +48.

2. A stepped point modifier that adds to the cost of power cost of the miracle, i.e. +0, +40, +80 and +0, +25.

3. A floating modifier that multiplies the cost of the power points of the miracle, i.e. x1-x5 as the alignment tends away with a x0-x1 as the alignment tends to the side. These are added together to give the overall modifier. Examples: A true Baldor priest would have all Death miracles increased by x5 points and War and Death increased by x3.5(x2.5+x1). A true Fleyshur priest would have all War and Death miracles increased by x2 points but channel Life and Peace at x6(x5+x1). A true neutral priest would have all miracles increased by x2.5 points. A priest that was neutral but tending towards Life and War would have a fraction of this modifier. This would be shown as 4 Numbers, e.g. Life x1.5, Death, x4.9, War x2, Peace x3.8.

4. As above but stepped, i.e. x1, x3, x5 away and x0, x1 across where the total is the sum of the multipliers. Example: A Gathrana cleric will have the following modifiers: Death x6, Peace x6, War x2, Life x2; A Baldor priest will have Life x1, War x3, Peace x3, Death x5. A neutral priest will have all at x3.

Stepped is good for simplicity, floating gives more shades of grey and a fair amount of book keeping (although we could show power costs on the online chart).

Note that alignment will not change until the end of the turn.

NB - The fourth one was agreed as best at the pubmeet.

Lightning Blast

Standard single person damage spell. Armour protects. Triple shield protection.

Level: Damage


Target flies. Prevents targets with range less than 6 weapons from targeting recipient. Target cannot use weapons with range less than 6 without cancelling the spell.

Level: Duration

Poison Cloud

Multiple targets. Each take damage and are considered poisoned. Not affected by armour.

Level: number of targets and damage

Choking Cloud

Multiple targets. Targets become immobile and cannot parry until make a health check.

Level: number of targets, duration

Engulfing Globe

Removes target from game.

Level: speed

Magic Blast

Damages target. Armour protects. Pushback

Level: damage, pushback


Makes target deaf.

50% ignore party flee requests for duration.

Level: duration

Cloud of Slumber

Target does not act until he is woken, attacked or spell runs out (increase his range to 14).

Level: duration


Move in specified direction by x squares.

Level: increase maximum x.

Map Wilderness

Map surface area.

Level: larger area. More data.


Recipient cannot be targeted until they attack for the duration.

NB. Some monsters should be immune to this, e.g. dragons and monsters that do not rely on sight.

Level: duration


Recipient is harder to hit for duration. All attacks against at 3/4 normal accuracy.

Level: duration


Scatters multiple targets. Knockback 1 to x range increments - treat as fled if range increased above 14.

Level: targets, x


Increases chances of hitting target.

Level: bonus


Forms a mobile protective mound from the ground for the battle.

Level: bonus

Enchant Armour

Converts basic armour into bonus armour, permanently.

Level: bonus

Enchant Weapon

As above.

Level: bonus

Magic Dart

Fires a dart that does little damage but is very fast.

Level: speed

Strength of Stone

Immune to knockbacks for duration.

Level: duration

Steel Skin

Reduces speed and combat speed. Increase armour.

Level: armour bonus

Detect Treasure

As spell.

Level: range

Map Dungeon

As mapping a dungeon now.

Level: area mapped

Make Scroll

Embeds a spell into a scroll. Max level is defined by the lowest of either this spell level or target spell.

Level: max level of target spell

Make Wand

As above.

Level: as above

Exit Dungeon

As current spell.

Level: max depth

Reveal Traps

As current spell

Level: max rooms/range


Convert a sector into another non-water sector.

Level: Sector type affected.


Kills character, seeds items onto the map in surrounding sectors.

Level: speed


Ground snatches items from target and buries them in surrounding sectors.

Level: quantity of items.

Warp arrows

Causes target currently using missile to swap to melee.

Level: speed

Flame Strike

Standard damaging spell. Double armour protection, ¼ shield protection.

Level: damage

Ball of Fire

Multiple targets. Double armour protection, ignore shields.

Level: damage.

Circle of Fire

All attacking caster within five range burnt. Double armour protection, ¼ shield protection.

Level: Damage


Makes smoke between enemy archers/melee. Enemy attacks with range greater than 6 attacking melee targets do so at half skill.

Level: duration

Burn Items

Destroys a number of random flammable items on target. Saving through based on size and magical ability.

Level: quantity destroyed.

Meteor Storm

Damages targets, destroys shields and helms (as above). Triple protection by shields and helms.

Level: damage

Flame Blade

Makes blade living flame. Chance to destroy random flammable item each hit for duration.

Level: duration

Protection from Fire

Ignore burning effects and reduced damage from fire spells for duration.

Level: duration

Flaming Arrows

As flame blade but for missile weapons.

Level: duration

Summon Fire Elemental

Extra creature that attacks with fire blades.

Level: duration and hit points.

Repel Fire Creature

Increases retreat percent of fire creatures.

Level: retreat


As torch. In dungeon combat halves bow penalties for duration.

Level: duration

Blinding Flash

Blinds opponent for short period making them attack at 1/8.

Level: duration

Resist Cold

Ignore freezing effects for duration.

Level: duration

Melt Items

Destroy non-flammable items, as per burn items spell.

Level: quantity destroyed


Remove character and possessions from the game.

Level: speed

Acid Blast

Knockback, damage and item destruction.

Level: damage


Choke to death if cannot flee within time set by health.

Level: speed


Knockback and if beyond a certain distance, target considered fled.

Level: distance knocked back

Hail Stones

Damages targets, destroys shields and helms (as above). Triple protection by shields and helms.

Level: damage

Icy Ground

Reduced ability to move (increase movement speed) and a chance that a character will increase range (or have time till next action increased) after an action - representing slipping and regaining balance.

Level: time

Sinking Sand

Vastly increases armour movement penalties. Items may be lost pulling character free. Lost items become buried in the location.

Level: penalty

Scrying Pool

Performs spells similar to revelation, identify etc. The level increases the scope of spell, either range or ability.

Level1: item

Level2: party location

Level3:... Still some work.


Reduces chance of hitting based on range of weapon. The longer the range, the greater the reduction.

Level: duration

Stat Potion

Creates a stat potion from the components created by miracles. The potion increases a stat by 1. The level of the spell determines the level of component that can be used. The level of component determines the maximum stat it can affect, e.g. an 8 th level Stat Potion spell can use up to level 8 components. Drinking the potion will increase the appropriate stat by 1 point up to a maximum of 80.

Casting the 8 th level spell on a 5 th level component will only create a potion that can increase a stat by 1 point up to 50.

Resist Fire

This gives the person an extra armour bonus against fire attacks.

Level: Bonus


Will turn a terrain next to a water region into a water region for a number of weeks. This will make the region impassable on foot.

Level: duration

Freeze Blood

Damages target. Ignores armour.

Level: Damage

Healing Potion

Similar to stat potion but utilising healing components. The level however is the number of restored health.

Cure Disease Potion

Similar to stat potion but this is the level of disease that can be cured. Where the potion is lower level, drinking it has a chance of reducing the level by one step based -15% per level difference, e.g. a 1 st level potion has a 100% chance curing a level 1 disease, but only an 85% chance of reducing a level 2 down to a level 1.

Currently there is only one level of disease. This requires improvements that gives levels and character suffers -5% max health and -2 to all stats per level.

Antidote Potion

Similar to stat potion. Antidote potions kick in at the time the person is poisoned and immediately reduce the poison level by the potion level. The highest level potion owned is always used first but has a 5% chance of not being consumed per level difference between the potion and the poison, e.g. using a 5 th level antidote on a 1 st level poison means that there is a 40% chance that the potion is not used (just needed a quick swig).

Again, this needs a change in how potions act.

Boil Potions

Destroys potions own by enemies.

Level: number of potions affected, chance of destruction.

Black Void

Chance of removing character and equipment from the game.

Level: speed

Plague Wind

Chance causing disease to each enemy character. Chance of targeting own party members.

Level: disease level

Total Death

Kills character, removes from game, dumps items in location.

Level: speed

Life Syphon

Damages target. Caster gains half life taken.

Level: damage


As plague wind, but specific target and much faster to cast.

Level: disease level


Target is damaged each time he performs an action.

Level: damage

Skill Drain

Reduces a target's skill.

Level: max skill that can be affected.

Poison Blade

Coats a blade in poison for the duration of a combat.

Level: poison level

Distil Target Life

Damages target, creates healing shard components.

Level: Damage inflicted. 1 shard per 10 points.

Control Undead

Should add target undead to party for duration of battle (or longer), otherwise undead ignore group if their total levels is less than spell level *3.

Level: total undead affected.

Vampyric Blade

The enchantment takes a percentage of the damage it deals and gives it to the wielder. This should be about 10% per level.

Level: % taken.


Heals target.

Level: Damage healed


Returns character to life. Stat loss/XP loss as per temple service. Casting costs priest XP

Level: Reduction in stat loss.

Slow Poison

Target suffers reduced affects of a poison for the duration of the combat. If cast outside of combat it can produce components for potion.

Level: % reduction/quantity of components.

Stop Poison

Target does not inflict poison damage until end of spell.

Level: duration

Cure Disease

As per cure disease potion. If cast outside combat it can produce components for potion.

Level: level it affects of disease/quantity of components produced

Create Food

Produces food. Parties without food during combat fight at 75% efficiency.

Level: quantity produced.

Kill Undead

Destroys a total number of levels worth of undead (or hammers them with damage?)

Level: total levels destroyed (or total damage delivered)

Distil Own Life

Converts own health into components for healing potions.

Level: rate of transfer


Each action the character does in combat has a chance of healing heals them by 1 point.

Level: % chance.

Life Thread

Chance that a death spell aimed against the target takes the caster's life as well.

Level: Difference in spell levels determines % chance.


Instead of taking damage a % of the next penetrating damage to hit the target is added to their health instead.

Level: % damage used to heal


Target takes no action for duration.

Level: duration


Target will not be targeted by enemies they are not specifically engaging for duration. If enemy cannot target, it will flee.

Level: duration

Leap out of Combat

Target immediately increases range by spell level should they attempt to flee.

Level: range increase

Cease Fire

When party flees, they will be given a grace period during which they will not be attacked. This may buy them sufficient time to successfully flee.

Level: duration


This will hide a party from maps and scrying and monsters during and between turns. Percentage chance of not being detected is the spell level modified by the party size.

Level: chance of avoiding detection.


Percentage chance that all attacks against character fail if cast in combat. Percentage increase in gold found on monsters. Percentage increase in finding magic items.

Level: Increased percentage


Attacks against target have % fail while target is performing movement actions, i.e. non-aggressive actions.

Level: % failure


Target surrenders, leaves any weapon being used and leaves combat immediately (set as fled, i.e. unmolested).

Level: Speed

Break Weapon

Target weapon being used is destroyed. Bonus items get better saving throw.

Level: % chance broken.

Disenchant Weapon

Target weapon has its enchantment removed. Level difference gives % chance failure.

Level: maximum bonus disenchanted.

Disenchant Armour

As above for armour.

Battle Lust

Increases flee factor of specific character.

Level: % increase


Increases damaged delivered and suffered by target in melee combat.

Level: % increase


Decreases flee factor of target.

Level % decrease


% chance sets target to melee combat (enemy parties only). Increases flee factor of monsters.

Level: % chance (modified by peace alignment). % increase in flee factor for monsters.


Reduces sleep spells duration remaining by level.

Level: speed

Leap into Combat

Reduce target range down by level but only to their optimum range.

Level: range reduction

Weapon Skill

Increases target skill with a weapon

Level: % increase in skill

Unbreakable Weapon

Gives bonus to resist damage. Level of spell modifies the bonus of the item for calculating whether it will break.

Level: bonus

Shield Breaker

Chance of breaking shield. This is more effective that meteor/hail etc.

Level % chance.

Helm Splitter

As above but for helmets.

Eye for an Eye

Percentage penetrating damage inflicted by target is reflected back at target.

Level: 5% damage per level




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