If you wish, you may submit a Party Profile which will be used to describe your party to others you meet. This is not a necessary part of the game and can be either ignored or left until later if you wish. The first Party Profile for a party is free of charge.

If at a later stage in the game you wish to change any of your profile, you must submit a new Party Profile Form. All changes (not spelling mistakes) are charged at 50p per form

Your Name
Email Address
Game No.
Party No.
Account No.

Shield Emblem (maximum 75 characters)
Example: two crossed swords dripping with blood

Party Appearance (maximum 150 characters including "They are ")
Example: They are all dressed in black with long hair.
Their leader is a huge bear-like man with a two handed sword.

Battle Cry (maximum 75 characters)
Example: We'll rip your hearts out and stuff 'em down your throats!


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