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    Quest Unlimited

    Quest Unlimited is an email fighting fantasy game. As a player you control a party of adventurers, seeking glory, gold, magic and experience. Unlike the original Quest game, you can only receive your turn results via email - but at a very fast pace (every few minutes). Quest unlimited is 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

    If you are completely new to this style of gaming, it is best to join the Demo game. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined in Getting Started. Within a few turns you should be visiting the wilderness around the city you start in, bashing monsters and getting a feel for the game.

    If it all goes pear-shaped for your first party, simply drop your starting party and start again, and again. Once you have run your demo party for twenty turns and feel that there is still more adventure to be had, you can transfer it to the full online version of the game.

    Over the years our players have amassed a large encyclopedia on the world. This is well worth reading through.

    Quest Encyclopedia


    As well as Quest Unlimited, KJC run Quest - Game Master Edition. Rather than having turns every few minutes, turns are run on a weekly basis. The game however is also moderated, by this we mean that a Game Master controls the game, seeding in epic plotlines, magical quests and speaking on behalf of the people that exist in the world but are not controlled by other players. This style of gaming is much more involved, but due to the different rate of play, is ideal for players wanting to control more than one adventuring party, interact with other players and more importantly, fit gaming in around other real-world commitments (wife, husband, children and even work).


    • No deadlines!
    • Play Quest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    • Internal message system - Send messages of congratulations to parties that beat you up in the Arena!
    • Start anew, or transfer in your demo party!
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