Quest is a great fantasy adventure through a world of powerful gods, strange magic and dream cities: Of mystical beasts guarding untold treasures. Take up your spellbooks and sword and begin your Quest.

Reasons to play Quest - Game Master Edition

  • Game Master creating new plots, quests and generally inspiring the game and players!
  • Programmer continually adding new features.
  • Hundreds of players to interact with.
  • Detailed graphic maps each turn.
  • Towns, cities, villages and monster lairs to be discovered.
  • Vast dungeons to explore.
  • Thousands of monsters to fight.
  • Eight powerful gods to worship.
  • Hundreds of items to buy and sell.
  • Unique Items, Monsters and Spells.
  • Global and local plots that bind the rich world.
  • Alliance Special Quests.
  • Alliance Special Actions.
  • A full time Human Moderator.
  • Select your party of adventurers from the 16 main character types.
  • Seek your fortune in the wilderness. Explore the depths of the earth.
  • Find employment in the towns and cities.
  • Research new spells and magic.
  • Gain favour with the gods through prayer and great deeds.
  • Do battle against the creatures of darkness and other players.
  • New game features are added constantly.

As well as Quest - Game Master Edition, KJC Games also offer Quest Online . This un-moderated version of Quest is run continually on a server allowing you to issue turns and get returns in minutes. With a Demo-version of the game allowing twenty free turns, you can use this to quickly get to grips with city trading, equiping characters and bashing minor monsters that lurk on the edges of the town


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