Game 31 - Naralia History

Greeting travellers, we welcome you to Naralia. We are the watchers, and it has been our task to witness and record events for the benefit of future generations. What follows is a very brief account of Naralia. Due to the time it would take to recount all tales, only key moments are mentioned here. Much more will undoubtedly be uncovered during your travels.

Age of Mystery
These times are unknown to all save the Gods but they say nothing. All that is known from these times is that the now civilized races struggled to survive, with limited technology and magical understanding the numerous monsters of the land constantly culled them and preventing their rise to power.

Dawn of Civilization
-3000 The Human slaves overthrow Moonlight Bay's Lizardmen rule. The city quickly falls into disrepair as the Humans struggle to organise themselves as a state of constant fighting holds sway over the city.
-2995 The Elven Kingdom of Swan Haven is established. This is the first of the civilized settlements to grow and prosper, as Moonlight Bay struggles to keep itself together. The Kingdom is made up from many Elves from around Eastern Naralia that have come together and used their numbers to force the tide of monsters back. As word spreads of the first real 'civilized' kingdom more Elves journey to join their brethren.
-2950 The Dwarven Kingdom of Mount Royal is finally forged after decades of fighting the Goblinoid Tribes. With the wilderness finally being reasonably safe the Dwarves are able to expand their power base.
-2760 Led by Ssrrak 'The Terrible' a large army of Lizardmen attempt to retake Moonlight Bay. The start of countless sieges by the Lizardmen begins.
-2500 Various settlements established by the Elven and Dwarven Kingdoms come in to contact with one another, tension ensues after several bad meetings.
-2400 A series of bloody skirmishes erupt around Naralia, as the Elves and Dwarves fight for supremacy.
-2200 The Elven and Dwarven kingdoms unite to fight the Elemental Hordes that are swarming across the land. No leaders for the Elementals can be found, and many citizens say the elements must be commanded by Molwanh herself. Scouts are sent to uncover the truth of the situation.
-2180 One of the scouting parties sent around Naralia to find details on the Elemental problem returns with useful information. The information it provides appears to be the only chance the developing civilizations have. All across the world rituals had been carried out creating portals through which Molwanh is able to send monsters; these portals needed to be closed.
-2178 After numerous different Quests, led by the various factions, a meeting is held to share information as little progress had been made. The combined information shows that the Elemental portals are all situated as part of an intricate pattern of interlocking circles. At the centre of many of these interlocking circles are the cities of the civilized races. Once the location of a few portals are uncovered the rest will be easy to find. 
-2177 Several legendary struggles ensued as the different factions combined their efforts to fight Molwanh's minions. Hampered by severe storms and constant attacks by Elementals the task of closing the portals turns out to be more difficult than most assumed.
-2176 The last of the portals are sealed. Things gradually return to 'normal'.
-2000 The first Halfblood Kingdom, Kargazad, is successfully established. Priests of Phyloqure finish the task of creating the Book of Omens. The first prediction causes panic amongst those that hear of it.

The Race Wars
-1999 As the year draws to a close the impending doom doesn't arrive. The majority of people laugh the threat off, and return to their normal routines.
-1998 With the expansion of the various city-states, many areas become disputed. This results in the first major conflict involving all four of the civilized races. Alliances quickly form between various cities of the same race and more slaughter follows.
-1800 Countless accusations of traitors, mocking of racial stereotypes and other slanderous comments are thrown around the courts. These are used to justify the attacks to the general population against enemy city-states. 
-1700 No one is quite sure when the 'Racial Slaying' weapons were first created, but their appearance soon spreads more panic and hatred over the centuries as mighty warriors fall to glancing blows. By this time many of the more suspicious realise that there is some dark influence at work.
-1640 The Humans of Mortavlon attack the Elven territory controlled by the city of Swan Haven. Since the Elves are ideally suited to forest fighting the forces of Mortavlon burn down large areas of the forest to weaken the Elves. The result is that large areas of land in and around Swan Haven are turned to ash. Elves from around Naralia come to the aid of Swan Haven and beat back the forces of Mortavlon. 
-1620 Unable to forget the sacrilege carried out by the Humans of Mortavlon (the burnt remains of large areas of forest make it difficult) the armies of Swan Haven march towards Mortavlon. They massacre thousands of Humans and lay waste entire communities.
-1619 After slowly making their way to Mortavlon the warriors of Swan Haven lay siege to the city.
-1617 The siege of Mortavlon comes to nought, so the troops return to Swan Haven.
-1540 The Dwarven territory of Mount Royal had been suffering from sporadic raids by the Humans of Raviksholm. After decades of harassment the Dwarves decide to take the battle to Raviksholm. The hardy Dwarf Fighters make short work of the Human troops, and soon the city is under the control of Mount Royal.
-1538 Due to the logistics of distance and more pressing matters at home the Dwarves relinquish their control over Raviksholm. They leave with a warning to leave their territory alone.
-1470 Centaurs attack Swan Haven. The Elven troops are hard pressed to defend their land, and call for reinforcements. Reinforcements arrive from an unlikely source, the Human Horselords of Sallatane. This was a surprising move since the Centaurs and the Horselords had a treaty and secondly the Horselords and the Elves had been at odds for centuries. The truth behind the Horselords backup of the forces of Swan Haven is revealed. The centaurs were under the control of a powerful Molwanh cult and the Horselords made a point of injuring not killing the centaurs, if they could.
-1410 The first inter-racial meeting ends where no one was killed. This milestone in diplomacy is acknowledged as a sign of things to come. The meeting gives everyone attending a chance to exchange information, but the resulting conclusions range from conspiracies about Magic Cyrcle manipulations to outright paranoia about direct God interventions.
-1300 The kingdom of Deluthia is at its zenith with control over the town of Torsalyer in the North, Springfield in the west, Berruzan in the South and Denvilera in the east. Larochelle mounts a huge invasion of the Sableaire Mountains. The blessing of Garthrana makes the attack a walk over as the range is cleared of Goblins, which are driven into the Forest to the South of Denvilera. Trade links between Larochelle and Deluthia via Denvilera begin to flourish. 
-1250 Goblin raids increase in the area of Denvilera. In the much less harsh terrain of the forests south of Denvilera the Goblins begin to multiply in numbers. The native population is driven out or killed and the number of goblins increases at a horrific rate. 
-1201 After just short of a millennia of bloodshed the tragedy of the Race Wars finally end, but only to be replaced with a greater tragedy.

Fleyshur's Hegemony
-1200 Denvilera is overrun by Goblins. The Goblin horde that attacked the city was absolutely massive. Although they were poorly equipped, the sheer weight of numbers crushed the City. The battle was a highpoint for Fleyshur as he revelled in the slaughter of both Goblin and Human.
-1190 Utilising a small shift in divine power to Fleyshur a small but strong cult in Mortavlon seize the reigns of power and whip the population into a frenzy.
-1150 Being careful to not make Mortavlon a target the leaders subtly gain influence in other city-states. With the information they gain they are able to avoid many situations that would undermine their grand plans.
-1100 Deluthia loses control of its northern territories as it concentrates on regaining Denvilera. The War effort to regain Denvilera was very taxing to the city, and it couldn't afford to have some of its best troops stationed where the biggest danger was boredom. Deluthia left the towns of Torsalyer and Springfield on good terms. 
-1050 The Orcs of the Erg Chech Wastes begin to threaten Burnenville. The Knights of the City rally to the cause and smash the Orc hordes. Such is the fury of the Knights that the Orcs give it up as a bad idea and instead set their sights on the east. 
-1000 Burnenville and Larochelle reach their height of power. The Magic Cyrcle in Torsalyer is set up. This college soon gains a reputation amongst the mages of Naralia as being the best. 
-950 The cult of Mortavlon takes over the running of Denvilera in secret. With this powerful city under their sway their plans are a big step closer.
-900 The 3rd Crusade of Deluthia fails after laying siege to Denvilera for 12 months and battling through the Hellstorm pass. 
-800 Athabaska buccaneers ravage the coasts from the Kargazad to Amrakeesh. An alliance is formed between Amrakeesh and Athabaska, forbidding privateer assaults on each others ships and that pirates are to be destroyed on sight. The Athabaskan raids close to Amrakeesh stop. Sea tales tell of Amrakeesh merchant-princes commanding the sea to do their bidding, crushing corsair ships like twigs with their sea-based magic. Whether this is true or fable remains a mystery, but the Amrakeesh people tell others with pride to this day, meanwhile the sailors of Athabaska tell it as one would to a child to keep them in line. (Be good or the Merchant-prince of Amrakeesh will get you!)
-660 A faction of Elementalist Mages successfully summon an Elemental Horde and guide it towards the city-state of Burnenville. The assault is swift, with the mighty walls of Burnenville unable to stand against the forces of nature given form.
-655 The Battlemages of Torsalyer liberate Burnenville from the tyranny of the Elementalists. The battle takes several days, with many monsters being summoned both sides to replace their mounting loses.
-500 Burnenville and Torsalyer are involved in a border dispute...the matter seems to be heading towards a war, but Burnenville retracts its claim. The two states distance themselves from each other. Trade at Corsicana, the town between the two states, is dramatically reduced.
-450 Wymark and Calimahr launch a bitter war with each other, it lasts, on and off, for 300 years with neither side being able to inflict serious damage to the other, though the casualties are high.
-300 Denvilera gathers a huge army and crushes all before it as it makes war with Deluthia. Fort Kronell and Crusader's Rest are both razed to the ground. The army is halted at the gates of Castle Deluthia. Unable to crush the Humans in the city, the Halfbloods fall prey to infighting and squabbles after the then King of Denvilera is killed mysteriously on the eve of an assault upon the city. The City of Amrakeesh begins to profit as refugees from Deluthia take shelter in its desert realm. 
-300 Mortavlon's long-term plans come to fruition allowing it to finally rise to power. Quickly controlling the Cities of Sallatane and Lavant. However this is just the start of a long running battle with the "Horselords". The Nomadic culture of the horse people is compromised by the fortification of settlements in the area by the Mortavlon legions.
-250 The Halfbloods of Denvilera attack Deluthia yet again. Several skirmishes and even a few major battles had kept both city-states busy for decades, but this decade stands out. Denvilera enlists the services of a large horde of Goblinoids and then proceeds to use these as suicide troops. By the time the Goblins are aware of the reasons for their severe losses it is too late, the damage had been done to both Deluthia and the Goblins, so both were unable to stand against the onslaught of the mostly fresh Denvilera troops. Sweeping through Deluthia territory the forces of Denvilera operate in a different manner than normal and kill just about everyone, deciding that this limits the chance of flank attacks or later uprisings. Yet again the troops of Denvilera reach the gates of Deluthia and a siege follows.
-248 Due to the massacre of so many civilians, troops are sent from Torsalyer. The forces of Denvilera are repulsed and the siege ended. The reason for Torsalyer's intervention is a mystery to most, although the theory with the most support is that the council of Torsalyer feared the repercussions of Denvilera finally defeating Deluthia.
-150 Elkhart and Linden Glade swell in population as displaced/disenchanted people move to escape from the tyranny of Mortavlon and Raviksholm. The Gnoll tribes are dealt with quickly. The people of Linden Glade are helped by the Katrims to the North. The People of Linden Glade quite rightly let the Katrims live in peace to the North. 
-150 Calimahr and Wymark sign a peace treaty, both rulers are seen together and old wounds seem to be forgotten as both cities celebrate. 
-120 Calimahr begins to escort trade caravans with Linden Glade and on to Elkhart. Wymark expands its territories to the South into lands that were owned by Deluthia but were independent at the time. Wymark begins to build a navy as it controls the strategic but small port of Fort Darkspire. The docks are worked to capacity to build ship after ship.
-100 Raviksholm threatens Burnenvilles northern baronies. Burnenville goes to war with Raviksholm. Raviksholm crushes the pompous Knights of Burnenville and its ill-trained army and take over much of Burnenvilles northern lands. Mortavlon comes to its aid, with an occupation force that saves the City from being crushed. Despite the opposed might of Mortavlon and Raviksholm, neither nation advances further, the Knights of Burnenville flee to Larochelle. 
-90 Amrakeesh and Wymark meet on the sea, trade links are worked out, though both nations are aware of the pirate problem.
-70 Mortavlon strikes North to try and crush the forces of Derriden.
-50 Derriden falls after a long and bloody war. The City is spared but the forces of Derriden are killed to a man, including the King. 
-40 Mount Royal and Raviksholm are involved in a few skirmishes. The Mount Royal is pushed back to the Mountains by the raiding forces of Raviksholm's lesser nobles who are trying to garner more power. The Dwarves save their forces for more urgent matters. Mortavlon is at its zenith controlling Lavant, Sallatane, Kargazad, Derriden and Burnenville as well as most of the surrounding settlements.
-35 The ruler of Wymark is killed. Wymark declares war with Calimahr. 
-30 The Fall of the Empire of Mortavlon. This is caused by the assault on the Elves of Swan Haven, and the subsequent weakening of every city in the Empire in a fruitless war with the Elves of the Alforst Forest. Derriden is restored to its old leadership in the form of the Force Lady Sandhya. The People soon elevate her to the title of Queen. Also they empower many of the females who led the counter strike on the forces of Mortavlon. 
-25 Burnenville is "liberated" by the Knights of Garthrana.
-20 The forces of Derriden and Moonlight Bay sack Kargazad. This victory however is not one of occupation. The day the forces of Derriden destroy the temple of Molwanh a vast nightmare of weather is invoked by the high priest as he exacts his vengeance upon all. Dark storms fill the whole of Naralia. Crops fail. Volcanoes erupt. Rivers flood. The sea becomes a tempest. No one can venture on it. Storms tear at the land itself. Nature voices its displeasure. Many thousands of people die in what is known as the "Dark Storms", in addition many villages and towns get cut off from the Cities that used to protect them. 

Age of Rebuilding
-15 The prospect of rebuilding seems so pointless with the horrific storms effecting all of Naralia, but perseverance is motivated by millennia of suffering and a common call for stability and peace.
-13 The Dark Storms subside, and although erratic weather still afflicts the land of Naralia, the worse of it seems to be over.
-10 The Bankers & Merchant Guild finally binds the economies of all the City-States.
-7 The worst winter in recorded history cuts the city-states off from each other.
-5 Neighbouring City-States, for the most part, have growing trade ties. These ties help to keep peace in several places, as personal prosperity keeps the more militant in line.
-1 A great magical flux afflicts Naralia, spells go wrong, ancient treasures lose their power and large influxes of monsters afflicts the City-States. After a brief period things return to normal, mostly.
0 The night of comets occurs, as foretold by the prophets of Phyloqure and the Seers of the Magic Cyrcle. Great change is upon the land




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