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    Getting Started

    Turn results are emailed as a file attachment. These are enhanced using graphics. Rather than spending time downloading these graphics with every turn, all the graphics you need are downloaded in zip files. Once this is unzipped to an appropriate directory, all future attachment turns should also be saved to this directory and viewed directly from here. Your turns should then have maps and banners.

    1. Create an Account with KJC Games (if you do not already have an account)
    2. Create a directory (e.g. C:\Quest)
    3. Download the following image archives to this directory: Wilderness, Alignment, Headings
    4. Unzip all the images (using Winzip or Winrar) to this directory.
    5. After receiving an email with account confirmation, set up your Demo Party
    6. Save your emailed turns directly to this directory, and open them from there.
    7. Send turns back using the demo turncard or main game turncard.
    8. If you want to transfer your Demo party to the full game use the Tranfer Party form.
    9. If you want to start a new Demo party, use the drop party form first, then create a new Demo Party.
    Map of Demo World
    Cities are marked in red. Hover over to reveal names

    Map of the Quest Online Demo

    • No deadlines!
    • Play Quest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    • Internal message system - Send messages of congratulations to parties that beat you up in the Arena!
    • Start anew, or transfer in your demo party!
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