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    Filling in this form will transfer and start a party from the Demo World into Quest Unlimited. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your account or credit card details stored on it before pressing submit.

    Transfer Demo Party to Game 20

    Your Name
    Email Address
    Your Party Number
    Account Number
    Please Select
    £2 for 10 turns
    £5 for 40 turns
    £10 for unlimited play for a week
    £30 for unlimited play for a month
    (N.B. the minimum amount charged on credit card payments is £5)


    There are several different payment methods to take part in Quest Unlimited. You can either pay for a set number of turns or choose unlimited turns but over a set period of time. The choice is yours and you can swap between payment methods as you wish.
    1. £2.00 / $3.20 for 10 turns
    2. £5.00 / $8.00 for 40 turns
    3. £10 / $16 for 7 days (168 hours) unlimited turns*
    4. £30 / $48 for 31 days (744 hours) unlimited turns*
    If you have money in your KJC account, this will be used to pay for your Quest Unlimited turns. If not and you have credit card details stored with us, your card will be charged automatically. Our minimum credit card payment is £5 / $8, hence if you use option 1 and pay by credit card, the remaining balance will be added to your account.

    To add money to your account other than by credit card, please send by post to:
    KJC Games, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 3UL. U.K.
    Please MAKE SURE you include your account number. We can also take credit card details over the phone on +44 (0)1253 866345 or by fax on +44 (0)1253 869960.

    *With options 3 and 4, if for any reason the service stops, e.g. our Internet link goes down, your game clock stops and only restarts when service resumes.