Buy / Sell / Rob

One of the first things you will need to do is purchase some weapons and armour. Looking at your first turn report, you will see that you have started the game at a town. The items and services that the shops sell are listed underneath the maps, along with the price in gold. To purchase an item or a shop service, you must use the BUY order.

If an individual character tries to buy an item and does not have enough gold, the rest of the party will lend him enough so the purchase can still go ahead. However, if all the party tries to buy an item (code 99) or one character type, (options 95, 96, 97 and 98), then only the characters that can afford the item will purchase it. Between these two options and by placing your gold with the correct characters, you can quickly equip a party.



 An alternative way of acquiring gold and items is to arrive at the shop when it is closed! Your thief, with another character as look out, will attempt to break in. Shops selling expensive items tend to have the best defences but even taverns and general stores will install better locks if broken into regularly. Robberies can attract the attention of the town guard and if caught, parties have been known to be thrown out of town.