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gas giant Vicksberg(158)
Moon Dreamstar(477)
Moon Cheetah(632)
Moon Powell(817)
Planet Cold Harbor(653)
Planet Chickamauga(105)
Moon Boonie(682)
gas giant Bullrun(773)
Moon Petooty(845)
Planet Gettysberg(659)
Planet Shiloh(945)
Moon Mookie(120)
gas giant Fredricksberg(686)
Moon Stack(10)
Moon Limit(237)
Planet Stone River(557)
Moon Bondly(320)
Planet Mobile Bay(676)
Moon Spritzer(256)
Moon Hydraulic(50)
Moon Midnite(602)
Moon Lunk(603)
Type Name Location
gas giant Vicksberg (158) Gamma, 3
Moon Dreamstar (477) Gamma, 3
Moon Cheetah (632) Gamma, 3
Moon Powell (817) Gamma, 3
Planet Cold Harbor (653) Delta, 6
Planet Chickamauga (105) Beta, 9
Moon Boonie (682) Beta, 9
gas giant Bullrun (773) Alpha, 10
Moon Petooty (845) Alpha, 10
Planet Gettysberg (659) Beta, 10
Planet Shiloh (945) Gamma, 12
Moon Mookie (120) Gamma, 12
gas giant Fredricksberg (686) Alpha, 13
Moon Stack (10) Alpha, 13
Moon Limit (237) Alpha, 13
Planet Stone River (557) Beta, 13
Moon Bondly (320) Beta, 13
Planet Mobile Bay (676) Gamma, 13
Moon Spritzer (256) Gamma, 13
Moon Hydraulic (50) Gamma, 13
Moon Midnite (602) Gamma, 13
Moon Lunk (603) Gamma, 13
System Message: The Yank system is the domain of the Kastorians. While here it is expected that all parties will respect the Kastrian law. Kastorian law is simple, do not do anything that could be considered aggressive. The planet Hydraulic is considered off-limits to all alien factions. Do not enter orbit.

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