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You're washed upon the beach of a beautiful tropical island. Or is it? When your travel guide fails to turn up you soon realise this is a one way ticket. But don't hang around - you're being watched.
You think your troubles are over when you're washing ashore. Oh no! With your favourite sword lost beneath the ocean waves and a 12 foot Octopaw staring at you with a craving for your eyeballs as hors d'oeuvres, they've only just started. Welcome to Monster Island!

Your name is Spearbuster. You're a Furrcat (did you ever see a furry elf warrior?) about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life.


Seven different Monster Races to choose from.
Make your own weapons and armour.
Hundreds of unique treasure items.
Laser printed terrain map each turn.
Magic and Voodoo.
Cave delving and graveyard looting.
Trading posts, far inns and NPC races.
Nowhere else can you find a game with beautiful laser printed maps, same day turn around, information packed results and a huge world ready for 15,000 players! Designed with intelligence, realism and ease of play, Monster Island will hold the attention of both expert and novice players.
The trip of a lifetime to a gorgeous tropical paradise.
Unspoilt beaches, miles of free real estate, warm tropical breezes, geysers and swamps, lush vegetation and poisonous plants, exotic wildlife including some of the deadliest (and ugliest) creatures you ever saw, crystal mountains and religious weirdos.

(One way travel only. Offer does not include food, lodging, insurance, rental car, and other associated sundries. Not affiliated to Club 18-30 or ABTA. Travel guide and haversuit supplied.
Please note: although Monster Island is roughly three times the size of Australia, all comparisons are purely coincidental and in no way are we implying that Australia is a small and insignificant place with exotic plants and religious nutters.)

Monster Island


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